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  • Vincent Bertin receives the Jean Langlois prize for research dissemination

    The Jean Langlois foundation co-awards Julien Es Sayed (former PhD student at the SIMM lab) and Vincent Bertin, PhD student at Gulliver to the Prize for research broadcasting. A donation of 2,500€ comes with the Prize in order to help the young (...)

  • Universal motifs and the diversity of autocatalytic systems

    Autocatalysis is essential for the origin of life and chemical evolution. However, the lack of a unified framework so far prevents a systematic study of autocatalysis. Here, we derive, from basic principles, general stoichiometric conditions for (...)

  • Uncovering polymer’s unique spindle structure

    A new study from Daeseok Kim and Teresa Lopez-Leon of Gulliver lab, in collaboration with Helen Ansell, Randall Kamien, and Eleni Katifori of the University of Pennsylvania, describes how polymer spheres can transform into twisted spindles (...)

  • Soft Matter Days 2017

    On June 26th and 27th, we organize the second edition of the ESPCI Soft Matter Days (SMD). This internal meeting will provide the opportunity to present and discuss our soft matter research activities in a relaxing place nearby Paris, (...)

  • Rearrangement of two dimensional aggregates of droplets under compression: Signatures of the energy landscape from crystal to glass

    We study signatures of the energy landscape’s evolution through the crystal-to-glass transition by compressing two dimensional (2D) finite aggregates of oil droplets. Droplets of two distinct sizes are used to compose small aggregates in an (...)

  • Q&A: A World of Experiments Inside a Liquid Crystal

    Teresa Lopez-Leon describes how topological defects in liquid crystals could be used to create artificial atoms or to study math problems in the lab. As a child, it wasn’t uncommon for Teresa Lopez-Leon to hear her parents and uncles—chemists, (...)

  • Microscopic agents programmed by DNA circuits

    G. Gines, A. S. Zadorin, J.-C. Galas, T. Fujii, A. Estevez-Torres & Y. Rondelez Nat. Nanotechnol. 2017 Abstract Information stored in synthetic nucleic acids sequences can be used in vitro to create complex reaction networks with precisely (...)

  • Lift at the nanometric scale!

    Researchers from the CNRS, the University of Bordeaux and ESPCI Paris measured and modeled for the first time the emergent lift force that acts on a micrometric particle moving in a viscous fluid near a soft wall. This force could have great (...)

  • Inauguration de l’IPGG

    Ce 14 mars, les nouveaux locaux de l’Institut Pierre Gilles de Gennes (IPGG) pour la microfluidique dont l’ESPCI est un des partenaires principaux ont été inaugurés en présence du Président de la République François Hollande, et de la Maire de Paris (...)

  • Gulliver travel to Amsterdam (UVA and AMOLF)

    The Gulliver laboratory was invited last May to discover the University of Amsterdam (UVA) and the AMOLF Research Institute. This was a unique opportunity for the 45-person Gulliver team to discover Amsterdam, share their research, present their (...)

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