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Gulliver seminars take place on Mondays at 11:30 AM in the F304 room, and typically last one hour including questions. The seminars are in English, and the scientific topics are mainly those studied in the laboratory.

Gulliver Seminar, Laura Filion (Utrecht University)

Lundi 14 février 11:30-12:30 - Bibliothèque PCT - F3.04

Soft Matter meets Machine Learning : Using New Machine Learning Algorithms to Unravel Structural and Dynamical Features in Glassy Fluids

Developments in machine learning have opened the door to fully new methods for studying phase transitions due to their ability to extremely efficiently identify complex patterns in systems of many particles. Applications of machine learning techniques vary from the use of developing new ML-based order parameters for complex crystal structures, to locating phase transitions, to speeding up simulations. The rapid emergence of multiple applications of machine learning to statistical mechanics and materials science demonstrates that these techniques are destined to become an important tool for soft matterphysics. In this talk, I will briefly present an overview of the work my group is doing on using ML to study soft matter systems, with a focus on two new applications in the field of glassy materials. Specifically, I will show how a new unsupervised algorithm can find structural variations in glassy materials that turn out to correlate strongly with local dynamics. Secondly, I will present a new strategy to fit the dynamics in glassy systems using a supervised machine learning algorithm.


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General recommendations for the speakers

The audience is often heterogeneous - because of the wide range of scientific topics covered in the lab - so planning a talk for a broader audience would be preferred. The seminar is in English, and speakers are thus invited to prepare their slides in English.

The seminar starts at 11:30 AM. The speaker is asked to arrive in the lab at least 15 minutes in advance to set up their computer. The talks last typically 45 minutes, and are followed by a discussion time.