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The Gulliver lab regularly proposes PhD or post-doc felowshipsand internship opportunities for ESPCI students, Master 1 and 2 students and foreign students.


Assistant engineer in instrumentation and experimental technics

As part of the ’Competitions external IT 2017, CNRS’, a position ’Assistant-e engineer in instrumentation and experimental technics’ was awarded to the UMR Gulliver by the INC.

The competition calendar is available on the website:
(Attention: closing of registrations at the end of June)

Research Laboratory Manager M / W

The position will be attached to two Joint Research Units, part-time for the "Brain Plasticity" laboratory and part-time for the "Gulliver" laboratory:
- ** The Brain Plasticity Laboratory of ESPCI Paris brings together neurobiologists and physicists interested in the functioning of the brain and the mechanisms of neuroplasticity.
- ** The Gulliver Laboratory is particularly interested in soft matter and applied statistical physics.

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Practical information

Elie Raphaël
elie.raphael (arobase)

Assistant Director
Olivier Dauchot
olivier.dauchot (arobase)

ESPCI Administrator
Hyo Jin Cho
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CNRS Administrator
Fée Sorrentino
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