Interfaces in soft matter

Complex systems at interfaces are a modern research field continuously raising fundamental and applied questions. It is characterized by soft, liquid or amorphous-solid objects whose typical size becomes comparable to the one of their inner constituents (molecules, colloids, etc.), or whose surface effects dominate the volume ones. Under certain circumstances, such complex interfaces can also be active leading to a plethora of new phenomena.

Microfluidics and application to biology

Microfluidic model of the platelet-generating organ: beyond bone marrow biomimetics, A. Blin, A. Le Goff, A. Magniez, S. Poirault-Chassac, B. Teste, G. Sicot, K. A. Nguyen, F. S. Hamdi, M. Reyssat, D. Baruch, Scientific Reports 6:21700 (2016).
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Patterns at fluid interfaces

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Dynamics of soft interfaces

Mechanical factors affecting the mobility of membrane proteins, V. Démery and D. Lacoste, in "Physics of biological membranes", Springer (2018).

Interfacial phoretic and Marangoni flows

Self-Propulsion of Pure Water Droplets by Spontaneous Marangoni-Stress-Driven Motion, Izri, Z., van der Linden, M. N., Michelin, S. & Dauchot, O. Phys. Rev. Lett. 113, 248302 (2014).
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Disordered interfaces for fracture

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Polymer nanohydrodynamics and interfacial slip

Adsorption-induced slip inhibition for polymer melts on ideal substrates, M. Ilton, T. Salez, P. D. Fowler, M. Rivetti, M. Aly, M. Benzaquen, J. D. McGraw, E. Raphaël , K. Dalnoki-Veress and O. Bäumchen, Nat Comm 9:1172 (2018).
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Polymer capsules assembled by microfluidics

One-Step Fabrication of pH-Responsive Membranes and Microcapsules through Interfacial H-Bond Polymer Complexation, J. Dupré de Baubigny, C. Trégouët, T. Salez, N. Pantoustier, P. Perrin, M. Reyssat, C. Monteux, Scientific Reports 7:1265 (2017).
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