Theoretical Physical Chemistry (PCT)

PCT (Physico-Chimie Théorique), is coordinated by Anthony Maggs and remains close in spirit to the original group created by Jacques Prost two decades ago under the impulsion of P.-G. de Gennes. With the help of the tools of statistical mechanics together with numerical methods and scaling laws, the group works on problems inspired from experiments in physical chemistry and soft matter, from the interfaces between physics and biology and between physics and computational sciences, as well as from the industrial world.


Practical information

Elie Raphaël
elie.raphael (arobase)

Assistant Director
Olivier Dauchot
olivier.dauchot (arobase)

ESPCI Administrator
Stéphanie Ledoux
stephanie.ledoux (arobase)

CNRS Administrator
Solange Rogue
solange.rogue (arobase)

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