Fête de la Science 2020 – Climate science @Gulliver

At the Fête de la Science 2020, members* from Gulliver have created an outreach stand at the Espace Pierre Gilles de Gennes (ESPGG), 10 rue Vauquelin. It is an adaptation of the workshop Climate Collage created by Cédric Ringenbach (see climatecollage.org for more informations).

The goal is to find the causality links of the climate change. To do so, you will place some cards that illustrates an aspect of climate change on a collage. Children from 6 to 14 years old have participated to the workshop from Thursday October 8th to Saturday 10th .

*Vincent Bertin, Juliane Klamser, Charles Moslonka, Paul Baconnier and Martina Clairand

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